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7 Biggest Blogging Trends You Should Capitalize On

If you are running a blog and want to increase your reach and reader base, it would be helpful to know the biggest blogging trends you should capitalize on.

Regardless of why you started your blog, if you don’t conform to modern expectations, you can’t expect to have much of an audience.

As the internet constantly expands, there is an increased demand for content by internet businesses. Companies, marketing experts, writers, and business owners have gotten much better at understanding how to deliver quality content to their audiences.

However, alongside the increase in quality, we have also seen higher user expectations. To meet those demands and stand out from the competition, here are 7 of the latest blogging trends.

7 Biggest Blogging Trends You Should Capitalize On

1. Long-Form Content

longform-content-as-blogging-trends-you-should-capitalize-onIf you are running your blog, there are practically no limitations on the length of your content. However, you should still follow recent trends and Google’s guidelines. Google has made it its mission to promote quality content to users, and if you want your blog to become the greatest blog, you should follow suit. Google’s algorithm will promote longer content, but as usual, they weren’t overly specific about what that means.

As a baseline, try to have all your articles exceed 1000 words. Take the time to occasionally publish well-researched and longer articles that reach the 2000 to 3000 word count. Long-form content will allow you to place relevant keywords and include internal links to your other pages.

2. Embrace Visual Storytelling

embrace-visual-storytelling-as-blogging-trends-to-capitalize-onEven if your writing is engaging and interesting, you still need to find a way to spice up your articles. Imagine a visitor opening one of your articles and seeing a huge block of text. In the modern internet era, those pages will look incredibly outdated. We suggest that you break up your text with images and videos. There are plenty of royalty-free image websites where you can find quality pictures relating to the topic of your article.

When it comes to video content, vertical videos have become all the rage. You don’t need exceptional editing skills to put together a short video. Consider using static images with a voiceover narration of your article. This approach can bring your content to a new base of users who prefer to watch or listen to content rather than read articles.

3. Monetize Your Blog

monetize-your-blog-as-blogging-trends-to-capitalize-onEven if you didn’t start your blog to make money, we suggest you consider monetization options. Making money from your blog can help you pay for hosting and other associated expenses. If you are trying to profit from your writing, one of the biggest blogging trends you should capitalize on is including affiliate links. Depending on your writing niche, you can cover topics related to popular products and receive a commission whenever someone purchases through your link.

4. Write Mobile-Friendly Content

write-mobilefriendly-content-as-blogging-trends-to-capitalize-onThe average user accessing your blog will probably do so from a mobile device. It has become imperative to cater to users reading your articles from their phones. You might think there aren’t many differences between writing an article for a browser and writing for a smartphone; however, there are many considerations to consider.

Digital marketing experts from Movers Development suggest running an SEO audit to find out how to improve your blog pages and their content. Most SEO techniques will boost mobile accessibility, making this strategy a double win.

Here is what defines mobile-friendly blog articles:

  • Well structured. The text should be broken up into paragraphs and separated with headings.
  • Include links. for easy navigation. Avoid forcing mobile users to type complex inputs by placing relevant links.
  • Page layout that scales. Besides the text of your article, how do the other page elements behave on smaller screens?
  • Small image sizes. Mobile users might access your blog through low-bandwidth connections. Reducing your media files can significantly improve your site’s load time.
  • Include estimated reading time. Users who pick up their phone to read a short article might only have a few minutes. They might get intimidated by content if they don’t know how long it will take them to get through it. Including the estimated reading time can get more people to read your content.
  • Have a summary at the end. People who read articles through their phones sometimes do so in multiple installments.

5. Invite Guest Bloggers

invite-guest-bloggers-as-trends-you-should-capitalize-onContent creation is hard work; a good tactic would be outsourcing some of that work. Guest blogging is also a solid strategy to improve your SEO. You can allow the guest writers to include a link to their blogs. Afterward, you can return the favor and contribute an article to their website.

Remember to place an outbound link directing users to your blog. Besides boosting your SEO, this kind of back-and-forth can expose your writing to new readers.

6. Have a Regular Output

have-a-regular-output-blogging-to-capitalize-onWe recommend you post and publish regularly to cultivate a following. Although creating content is time-consuming, with the help of guest writers and a detailed schedule, you should be able to maintain a steady output. Try writing multiple articles when you have the time and then slowly publishing them regularly. Forgetting to update your blog for weeks or months will set you on the fast track to losing your audience.

7. Use Social Media

use-social-media-as-blogging-trends-to-capitalize-onAlthough your website is the best place to host your articles, you should also promote your writing on other platforms. Social media networks are ideal for content marketing and are the best platform to rapidly grow your audience. You can invest in a social media marketing campaign or reach out to influencers covering your niche.

Even though blogs are ideal for longer content, consider shortening your articles for social media. By posting snippets or excerpts from your articles, you can incentivize readers to visit your website to get the full in-depth piece.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed the tips we covered in our list of the biggest blogging trends you should capitalize on. Following our advice, you should have no problem growing your blog and reaching a wider audience for the ultimate website success story. As long as you are determined and passionate about your writing, we’re sure your blog will be a success.

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