3 Creative Ways To Find Inspiration For Blog Topics

Constantly coming up with new blog topics can be challenging, so if you are feeling stuck, we are here to show you where you can find some much-needed inspiration!

It’s probably time to try something new and you will soon feel re-inspired to make your blog attract many readers from Google and rank for trending topics again!

1. Ask Your Readers

Creative-Blog-Post-IdeasThe first thing you should do if you are stuck on blog topics is quite simply, to ask your readers! They are the people who are going to be engaging with your content, so they are the perfect people to ask.

If you have a large social media following, you could add a poll or survey to your stories offering a few different options for new content or you could include a question box where people can give you a whole range of ideas. This will help you to understand what your followers want, as they will appreciate the clear line of communication and the fact that you are truly interested in what they want to see. Plus, if you respond to their demands, they are likely to make more requests in the future. This is a very simple tip but can be the most effective method of finding relevant inspiration.

2. Speak To Industry Experts

great-blog-post-ideasAnother thing that you can do to find inspiration is to get in touch with industry experts. Contact relevant people in the industry, whether that’s through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Ask them if there is anything that they think it would be beneficial to be writing about and you could offer mentions of their company on your blog as a return for the favor.

If you struggle to get replies, another option would be to follow industry experts on social media and keep up to date with the latest news and trends. You can do your research and put your own spin on the hottest topics. For example, if you run a blog about vintage jewelry and someone famous has recently gotten engaged with a vintage engagement ring, you could write a piece about the most famous celebrity vintage engagement rings. If there is a celebrity wedding and you run a baking blog, you could write a recipe helping people to recreate a smaller version of the cake. If you work in digital marketing and there is a new algorithm update, you could do a blog about your take on it and how people can use the update to their benefit.

Keeping up to date with the latest news, either by speaking to industry experts or by following them, is a great way to constantly get inspiration.

3. Look At Your Metrics

Effortless-Ideas-for-BlogAnother thing you can do to accurately track which of your blog topics is most popular is to look at your metrics, so you can make informed decisions about what has worked well and whether you should focus on a particular area in more detail.

To do this, you should have Google Analytics tracking in place and you can look at the most popular landing pages or blog posts and the keywords they rank for on Google. You can even break this down further to see which are most popular for users coming from social media, organic, or referral separately.

You can also look at levels of traffic and then also user engagement statistics like average time on pages, average pages per session, and how many people return, so you can see whether blogs that lots of people are landing on are also engaging for the readers or whether they quickly leave and the content wasn’t what they were looking for.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with new ideas is difficult, but you just need to try out a few new techniques and we’re sure you’ll soon feel inspired. From asking your readers to speaking to industry experts and analyzing the metrics of your website, you could be about to feel more inspired than ever!

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