7 Fool-Proof Strategies To Increase Your Blog Readership

Blogging is one of the most engaging, dynamic online jobs today. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever you want and whenever you want.

On top of that, you get to do what you love and dedicate your career to a niche of your interest. If that is not enough, one of the best benefits is that you get to connect with your readers on a personal level, educate them, and help them to grow together with you.

If you are passionate about writing, this article is just for you! We want to help you to increase your blog readership and continue to provide quality material to your most loyal readers!

1. To increase your blog readership, always focus on the quality of your content

The only reason your readers read the content is that it gives them precisely what they need. While that may be a couple of different things, it is crucial to consider the value you are delivering and the best way to create a content strategy. As long as the quality of your content is high, you have nothing to worry about.

wordpress-dashboardTo maintain the quality of your writing, you need to:

  • Understand your target audience, their interests, and pain points: To create a compelling and relevant post, you first must understand what your readers want to read.
  • Experiment with a mix of writing styles to figure out what resonates best with your audience: some people like to read professional articles, while others like a more relaxed, casual, or even slightly comical writing style.
  • Stick to your niche and ensure that every piece educates the readers: This is where the actual value lies. You must share relevant information with the readers, or they won’t have a reason to continue to follow your blog.
  • Be consistent: Once your readers get used to a specific publishing schedule, they will expect a constant influx of new articles. Make sure to maintain that consistency.
  • Create compelling headlines: Every headline should attract the attention of the readers. It should usually be an essential question or advice.

Additionally, add relevant links and images to make your content more dynamic. Furthermore, experiment with different types of content that could enrich your articles. For example, add an educational infographic or maybe embed a video that will relate to your article.

2. Optimize your blog

optimize-blogSEO is a crucial part of every website, and that is especially important for blogs. You must optimize your articles to include relevant keywords, meta descriptions, headlines, internal and external links, image attributes, etc.

Furthermore, make sure that your blog is mobile-friendly. Many of your readers read articles on their smartphones, and you must think about their experience.

3. Advertise your blog on social media

advertise-blog-on-social-mediaSocial media is the best platform that will help you to promote your blog in the right way. The first step in promoting your blog is understanding what platforms your readers use the most.

The next step is to create a regular schedule and share your articles with your followers. You can also experiment with repurposing content. Break down an exciting article into a couple of engaging Tweets. Or turn a How To guide into a video post for YouTube.

You may also create Shorts, a trendy video format today. Research tips for creating CTAs, and include them in your videos to invite readers to take action and sign up for your blog.

4. Create shareable content

a-person-reading-an-article-on-a-tabletBesides publishing your content, you also want to make it simple for your readers to share your articles on their social media profiles. An important step is to use attention-grabbing featured images to make things more interesting.

Furthermore, include links for sharing the post, and even think about rewarding those who help with spreading awareness about your blog.

The best strategy is to organize a giveaway contest for those who share an article and draw a lucky winner. You can create an online event to draw the winner and increase visibility.

5. Work with bloggers or influencers

work-with-bloggersAs a blogger, it is crucial to building your reader base. However, connecting with other bloggers and creating business partnerships is also essential.

First, if people follow a couple of different male influencer and female influencer bloggers, they will be thrilled to see them work together. Second, if you are just starting, you can benefit from a backlink strategy if you connect with an experienced blogger. Your articles will be exposed to an already established base of readers. Also, you can learn from other bloggers by researching significant blogging trends they follow.

If you are promoting your blog on social media, hiring an influencer is best. Start slowly with nano or micro-influencers, and build your way up as your reader base grows.

6. Do not ignore the importance of email marketing

importance-of-email-marketingBlogging is one of the jobs that can benefit from email marketing. Collecting readers’ emails and using them for your marketing strategy is more manageable. That is where a newsletter can make a difference. Send relevant articles to your riders, and build a story around them.

For example, if you are doing a How To guide, you can create a series of articles and send them every week. That will keep your readers on edge, always expecting when the next one is coming out.

7. Always communicate with your readers

an-illustration-showing-names-of-different-social-media-platformsWe leave an essential tip for the end. Diligently read your readers’ comments and respond to them. You must show your presence and tell them there is an actual person behind your articles. This personal connection will make your blog unique and help you to better understand your readers.

Also, start a conversation with them, and understand what type of content they want. Ask for feedback, and see how you can improve your writing to make it more interesting.

Increase your blog readership with these 7 foolproof strategies

To increase your blog readership, all you need to do is follow our seven steps to success. It will take some time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run. Always have your readers in mind, and you will easily grow your blog.

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