How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Blog

One of the biggest challenges of running a blog is figuring out how to promote it.

Well, we are here to help with our guide on how to create a content marketing strategy for your blog!

Lean into your audience

What you need to understand about trying to create a content marketing strategy for your blog is that it depends a lot on your audience. After all, every single blog is unique and draws in a unique audience. What works for you might not necessarily work for another blogger.

This is also relevant when planning a blog content calendar. The interests of your audience dictate how often you’ll post and even what sort of content you’ll post. We follow the same logic here, with a slight twist.

The first thing you need to do is actually get to know your audience better first! You need to understand their preferences, wants needs, average age, and even what sort of demographic your content appeals to. All of this will be essential for the way you prepare your marketing material.

Now, you might think you know your audience and that this is not necessary. Some bloggers start out with a planned audience in mind, while some simply start to post their content without worrying about who reads it. Whatever the case, you’ll find that your vision of your audience might not align with reality. The audience you planned to attract might not match up to the audience you end up getting! And since marketing depends so much on whom you are trying to appeal to, you can’t afford to let any confusion slip into your work here.

Don’t let your audience be just a faceless mass!

The right way to use social media

Everyone nowadays understands just how useful social media is for marketing. What many people do wrong, however, is that they pick out the platform they prefer or just think is popular. Yes, picking out a popular platform is important. And yes, you need to feel comfortable using it. However, ask yourself this: does your audience use it?

This is a perfect example of why collecting audience info is so important when trying to create a content marketing strategy for your blog. You need to market the right content to the right people, or you’ll never be able to grow your audience. Particularly relevant here will be the age of your audience and their interests. Some groups simply prefer certain social media platforms over others. Younger audiences tend to flock to TikTok or Instagram. On the other hand, older generations still stubbornly stick to Facebook or Twitter.

The platform selection will also dictate the form your marketing will take. You can’t exactly post texts or guides on TikTok. And even if you elect to have an ad made for your blog, it will still need to be tailored to the platforms you plan to feature it on.

You can also adapt your content to social media and repost it there.

Find people to work with

An extremely useful marketing gimmick is working with popular content creators and online personalities. A single recommendation from a popular YouTuber or TikToker can be enough to drive a ton of audience to your blog.

Of course, as the marketing experts from like to point out, the selection of the right and compatible marketing partner is crucial for this to work. This again swerves back to match your audience’s interests, but there’s more to it than that. The real challenge lies in enticing people to work with you.

Ask yourself this: is my blog useful to them? If you run a fashion blog, you need to prioritize influencers who pay a lot of attention to their appearance. This is also probably the easiest type of blog to promote using this method. If you have a niche blog, however, things get a bit trickier. This isn’t to say you should give up!

Let’s say you run a blog for copywriting tips and tricks. You can still find a person to cooperate with if you help them with their video scripting, and they, in turn, give you a shout-out! In other words, you just need to lean into your own specialty and provide the influencer with something they lack or find appealing.

Emphasize your own voice

When crafting a digital marketing strategy, it is also important to know what you should emphasize. You need to signal to your potential new audience what sort of content creator you are and what makes you special. So, go over your past content, pick out some of your unique and interesting titles, and make a collage of sorts.

The reason why this is effective is that you can very easily make this into a slideshow or even a full video, which is perfect for posting to social media. Not only do people get insight into your content if you edit the video right, but it also makes your blog seem even more interesting.

This show of creativity and past success also shows that you don’t just follow blogging trends but that you can offer your readers a unique experience they shouldn’t miss out on.

The appeal of ads and the extent of their usefulness

We mentioned ads before, and even the advice we just gave can be used to make a pretty effective ad instead of just a video. However, is this something you should invest money and effort into?

Well, it all comes down to exactly what sort of blog you have and whether you have extra funds to spare. After all, social media marketing is so popular because it comes with no price tag attached at all. Meanwhile, even pay-per-click ads, with the highest cost-effectiveness, can get pretty pricey if they do achieve their intended effect.

To simplify things a little: if your blog is made to promote your products or services and has an online store or similar attached, ads are a pretty good choice. On the other hand, if all you have is a blog, you might want to hold off on ads.

The importance of measurable success

The final advice we have for how to create a content marketing strategy for your blog is setting down success parameters. Having some means of tracking the success of your efforts will allow you to react and adjust them as needed. It will also help motivate you to continue to work on your marketing!

It is also important that the results can somewhat be separated from what your general efforts to improve your blog produce. If all you track is an increase in the number of readers, you can’t be sure whether that’s because your marketing is working or your blog is just organically pulling more people. As such, tracking metrics such as click-throughs from your social media links and the number of comments and likes you are getting on social media is more reliable.

Carefully track what works for you!

The future of your blog

Now that you know how to create a content marketing strategy for your blog, you’ll be able to get a larger audience. However, you need to remember what it was that made your blog successful, to begin with. If you try to pander to your new audience too much, your blog might lose the charm that made it appealing, to begin with!

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