How To Incorporate Your Branding Into Your Website’s Blog?

Blogging is an important part of your digital strategy, as it helps to bring traffic to your website, creates relevant content for your audience, and is a great form of content to share across your other marketing channels, like social and email marketing.

One of the best things you can do for your blog is to make sure that you are incorporating your brand into it.

We are here to discuss the benefits of incorporating branding into your blog, as well as how you can do it, to help make each blog post a success!

Benefits of Incorporating Branding Into Your Website’s Blog

Incorporate-Your-Branding-Into-WebsiteThe first benefit of incorporating branding into your blog is that it will provide a consistent experience for your users. If you are sharing your blogs across social media and email marketing, when they arrive on the blog, it will be instantly recognizable, helping the user to feel more acquainted with the content.

Also, another benefit is that if you are putting out great content that people really enjoy, they are likely to be more loyal to your brand. You will stay fresh in their mind for not only offering a great product or service but you will also be known to provide lifestyle-related content that they enjoy. Please check ideal template for casino site total casino.pl

This will also help with word-of-mouth marketing, as people will have a great overall experience and want to share that. This loyalty to the brand as a result of the strong branding in the blog will then result in creating blog posts that sell, with better user statistics and consequently an increased conversion rate and conversion value in many cases.

When a company puts effort into its blog and shows a true sense of character throughout, its employees will likely feel more engaged with the company overall, helping people to be more productive and committed to the brand.

These are just a few of the benefits of incorporating branding into your blogs, so now you know why it’s so valuable, let’s find out how you do it well!

How To Incorporate Branding Into Your Blog?

Create Brand Guidelines

Brand-Your-BlogThe first thing you should do when incorporating branding into your blogs is to make sure that you have very clear brand guidelines. It would be worth working with a design agency in Liverpool or London for some of the country’s best talent, who will be able to work with you to create clear guidelines that can be sent throughout the company, as well as to your team who work on the blogs.

This way, you can make sure that any content that goes out across the whole company is consistent in its branding.

In your brand guidelines, you will need to identify your brand’s story up until now, the future goals, the core values, and then all of the design elements like different colored logos, color palettes, typography, tone of voice, and the specific imagery that really highlights who you are about. All of this can then be incorporated into the blogs, to make them instantly recognizable and engaging for your audience.

Now that we’ve covered the overall brand guidelines, it’s time to go further into a few of the most important areas of branding for your blogs.

Consider Your Tone of Voice

build-brand-consistency-in-your-websiteFirstly, you need to consider your tone of voice at all times. When you have a unique tone of voice, it can be transformative for your brand, as you are standing out from the crowd and offering something different. So, the tone used across the rest of your website should clearly be consistent with the blogs. To decide on your tone of voice, pick from either a funny, serious or more neutral approach first. Then decide if you’ll be casual, neutral, or formal. Finally, establish if you will be enthusiastic, a matter of fact, or neutral. This is just a very basic summary, which you can work from to create examples.

If there are lots of people working on content across your business, the best thing to do is to create documents with examples of content that people can work from. This would include an example blog. From here, you could have two or three-tone of voice experts for the company who check over the content that goes live, at least until everyone is well acquainted with the tone of voice.

Post On Consistent Days

Tips-to-Brand-Your-BlogAnother thing you need to do to incorporate branding into your blogs is to post on consistent days. When you do this regularly, people will begin to expect new content associated with your brand. If your content is good enough, this can generate quite a lot of interest and excitement, which then translates into overall excitement for the brand.

So, maybe you post once every Friday at 5pm to target people after work, or maybe you are a B2B company you target the afternoon mid-week. Stay consistent with this and it can pay dividends over time.

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