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Things You Need to Know About Web Hosting

If you are planning to launch your website you certainly need to know about web hosting and all its related things to choose the best for your website. Web Hosting is not one way of doing it, the methods of hosting vary based on the requirements and what the particular website demands. Most people start from the basic hosting and try to capitalize on the future when the website actually demands such super-powered hosting packages.

Types of Web Hosting:

There are different types of web hosting packages available it depends on your price. The most common Web hosting Types are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. The following explanations had put up in the simplest way to understand the difference between the hosting.

Every Web Hosting provider starts with Shared Hosting. It is suitable for beginners and small businesses. In shared hosting, each website shared its resources with the other websites on the server. When your website is with low traffic you can choose shared hosting. If your website with the high traffic or you need larger resources you can move for VPS or a Dedicated server.

VPS Hosting is comparatively next to the shared hosting. In VPS Hosting, each website is hosted in its own space on the server but still share the physical server with other websites. The price of shared hosting is high when compared with shared hosting. Dedicated Hosting is suitable for a large business website when the traffic is ceaseless. The price of the dedicated hosting is bit more expensive, but you have a lot of advantages when compared to other hosting.

Bandwidth isn’t the same data transfer:

Bandwidth and data transfer frequently represent the amount of data that your website serves to your visitors but they don’t have the same definition. Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer at one time but data transfer is the actual amount of data transfer in a given period of time.

Unlimited isn’t unlimited:

Some web hosting companies say that they provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data transfer.  They say this to attract the customers but the actual thing is they some limitations in bandwidth and data transfer. There is a limitation with unlimited but it varies in companies. You need to consult with the web hosting company that what you can do and what you can’t do within the unlimited offering.

Solid State Drive / Hard Disk Drive:

For the shared hosting, you will receive the real estate on a traditional hard disk drive server. The advantage of the HDD is allowing you to store a large amount of data in the cheap. In the VPS and dedicated server, you can build your site with the Solid State Drive. SSD based servers are lightning-fast storage units. SSD is a little expensive than HDD.

Linux server:

Most of the web hosting companies offer Linux as the operating system to power up their servers.  If you are not aware of the Linux OS you no need to do any special work on the back end to build the website. If your sites need with ASP.NET scripting framework you need to run only in the windows server OS. Because the script and the web page produce works only in the Windows-based environment. Windows server cost is a little higher than Linux. Windows server is incompatible with the Linux based until you do some changes.


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