5 Impactful Product Messaging Examples

You know your product is fantastic and that if people experience it, they will recognize its worth. What is the issue?

Providing a clear incentive for people to begin a free trial or product demo is one of the most important jobs to be done for increasing the profitability of any brand.

This is when product messaging—the words you use to express your product’s purpose, relevance, and value—comes into play. Many businesses struggle with product messaging because it either:

1) does not adequately reflect the product’s value or

2) does not resonate with the target audience.

Your opportunity to sell your goods is limited since your potential buyer may scroll down further or click on a more enticing page. That’s why it’s important to know how to incorporate your brand or product into your website and blog.

We have done our role from the list of jobs to be done by gathering some excellent product messaging examples and strategies for inspiration to help you communicate the value of your product and engage your audience.

What does “product messaging” mean?

Product messaging is the language, imagery, and narratives you employ to market and inform your target market about your product. It includes everything about your written content, including your website copy, your e-commerce store’s product descriptions, your social media postings and advertisements, the layout of your marketing emails, and the text messages you send.

As a result, even if they are not the same, your branding and brand positioning include your product messaging.

  • Brand Positioning: The placement of your brand on the market determines how you will design your product, how you will advertise it, where you will sell it, and other factors.
  • Product Messaging: Product messaging involves communicating about your product in such a way that reinforces your brand positioning too. It externalizes your brand by narrating the outcomes and performance to the target market, thus, increasing the business.

Maintaining consistency in your message while promoting various items is crucial since your product messaging should match your brand positioning. Also, product messaging is one of the most crucial steps of the jobs to be done for establishing any brand.


Five great product messaging samples

We’ve hand-picked some email and SMS product communications to give you a sense of what excellent product messaging looks like and how you can achieve your jobs to be done.

Although not exclusive to SMS and email marketing, product messages may be effectively communicated through these channels, as was already established. Now let’s get started!

1. Behavioural Analytics – Kissmetrics

While crafting your product pitch, it’s critical to consider all possible clients and their various purchase stages. Kissmetric understands that potential consumers will compare their product to others on the market when they are ready to buy. Therefore, they utilize their product messaging to identify their product and its distinct advantage over rivals.

Ensure your comparisons are accurate and aimed at guiding the customer toward the best decision so that the major goals of jobs to be done for attracting customers are fulfilled.

2. Magical Piece of glass – Apple

Apple doesn’t require recognition. Instead, they want to keep a distance from their rivals. If they don’t, they might lose market share. So, they designed a product presentation that energizes people. It’s a lovely piece that stands out from the others in appearance. Apple packs the story with so many emotions that people still feel better, even if it isn’t factually different. They are thrilled to have this item as a possession.

Here are some of the top winning elements of Apple’s message:

  • Storytelling: The line, “Your next computer is not a computer”, appeals to the customer. Whenever anyone lands on the Apple page, the line becomes the story they will tell further.
  • Use fascinations: The line, “It’s a magical piece of glass”, gives a thrilling and exciting experience to anyone who visits the page. Apple always uses the first line to set the mood but not to provide information.
  • Play the game on a different pitch: “It has pro cameras that can transform reality.” Why is there a third line? Since there isn’t any rivalry here. We don’t typically use computers to snap photographs, do we? Customers consider this capability a distinction from other computers without cameras as this iPad is no longer an iPad.


3. I Fell in Love With a Mattress – Purple

Purple offers cutting-edge mattresses. The technology and how they advertise the goods to potential clients set them apart. Their sales tool is a fantastic video presentation that they created that lists them ahead of their competitors by fulfilling their jobs to be done.

These are the components they used to make a perfect product message:

  • Provide a precise and immediate benchmark: “Purple” vs “memory foam,” a well-known commodity.
  • Name the thing: It is quickly apparent that Purple is better than a well-known generic product. Yet, when discussing technology, they refer to it as “Purple” instead of “net foam mattress.”
  • Discuss the suffering of your consumers: We all detest having trouble sleeping on hot evenings. “Memory foam has a very notable drawback: it helps to sleep warm. But guess what? Purple is temperature neutral.”

4. Cutting-edge safety to stand out – Tesla

There is Tesla, and then there is everyone else regarding electric vehicles. The company established a distinctive niche as a high-end manufacturer of renewable energy generators, storage options, and all-electric vehicles. They will become the future’s vehicle brand by taking a definite stand against fossil fuels and that is a major stance for the jobs to be done for promoting EVs.

Nevertheless, the company’s clients include more than just wealthy eco-aware drivers. They frequently also belong to the early adopter group and desire a Tesla for the prestige symbol it conveys. In addition to being all-electric, the brand is known for providing a secure driving environment.

The email’s language specifically targets prospects for whom safety is a top consideration when choosing their next vehicle. In addition to listing the Model Y’s safety features, the document adds credibility and confidence by noting that the car “received a 5-star safety rating in every area from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”


5 Communicate a core value with a homepage video – Wistia

Wistia, a platform for video marketing, is aware that video increases user engagement. According to 74% of marketers, video offers a higher Return than conventional photos. Videos grab our attention, and Wistia uses this powerful medium to its advantage with the product pitch on its homepage.

Wistia’s webpage states that they provide the most reliable video hosting. Wistia provides a video explaining the benefits of their product in addition to this text. Videos allow you to swiftly demonstrate the help of your product using brief samples of the program. Even if prospective customers might not take the time to sign up for a free trial, they can be persuaded to view a video instead. And if the film is fascinating enough, viewers could even think of Jiminy Cricket! I must surely give this a try.

Your video’s objective should be to demonstrate to prospective buyers how your product works “in real life.” How would you transform your elevator pitch into a video? Refrain from filling your movie with features and advantages; concentrate on what makes your product stand out.

The bottom line

Product messaging is very crucial for all types of brands, whether you are tech-based, product-based, or service based. Every brand today uses product messaging, and it has become an important part of the jobs to be done list for the marketing and promotion of any brand.

Having the right message can assist your target audience in understanding your brand and forming new connections with you. Consider this as your elevator pitch: how can you briefly describe who you are, what you do, who your target audience is, and why they should choose you? Accurate product messaging makes it simpler to draw in the correct customers.

The journey continues with persuasive product messaging that brings in customers. The next phase is to create a great product experience that keeps people and makes them happy. The list of jobs to be done for the promotion of the brand goes on forever.

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