Tips To Find Jobs As A Student In India During A Pandemic

Are you worried about your future career prospects due to the current pandemic?

Or have you lost your part-time job because of it?

There are so many self-employed jobs you can do from home. In this post I will share with you some easy ways to get started.

The OECD has published figures that show how detrimental a second Coronavirus outbreak would be to the current economic climate worldwide, with many more people losing their jobs in every country:


As you can see, some countries are hit harder than others, but all of them will see a rise in unemployment. However, it is vital to understand that only certain industries are affected such as the travel or entertainment sector.

Other markets are actually thriving such as online retail: According to the Guardian the biggest online retailer Amazon saw a rise in net sales to $46bn for the first quarter, up from $35.8bn for the same period last year.

What does this mean for you as a student in India?

You should plan your next steps carefully and think about which job skills will be required and in high demand to land you a part-time job while you’re still studying, but also in regards to your future career.

At SeekaHost University we have done all the research and know that the online business market continues to grow. With over 28 million businesses in India with an online presence and more work from home jobs being created by the minute, chances in the online job market will certainly see a surge.

This is why our team of digital experts and digital entrepreneurs have created several online courses that will help you develop the digital skills you will need to succeed in the online world and to start earning a part-time or full-time income online.


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