What is guest blogging in SEO and how does it help search engine optimization?

Many people ask me what is guest blogging for SEO and how does it help rank higher on Google. 

In this blog post let me explain to you in the simplest form what is guest blogging for SEO advantages. 

What is Guest blogging? 

Guest blogging means you write for other people’s blogs and get published with a backlink/s to your site, via authorship or contextual links.

You can see how a blog post about me written on top Nigerian Entrepreneurs blogs. Raed it here > https://www.entrepreneurs.ng/fernando-raymond/ and that’s a guest blog post done by John who is a writer for SeekaHost Blog. I did not blog in this case but someone did write about me and it gives links to my blog and a link to SeekaHost one of posts about how to start a blog in Nigeria

Guest blogging is easy. Either you do it to get links or someone does it with links to your websites that want to rank. 

Now you can see how guest blogging works and see this one where Dinesh Kumar has written a guest blogger with reference links back to ClickDo. 

Check more guest blogs by Dinesh Kumar so you see how he has done guest blogging to help SEO for our sites and some of the clients he works with at ClickDo digital agency in London. 

How does guest blogging help SEO?

Guest blogging allows creating backlinks to the sites that reference as contextual links from in content of the blog post. And it helps to pass the SEO juice and improves the ranks of the linking website/web pages or blog posts. 

There are many articles about guest blogging, and I will want to keep things very simple so you understand the concept of guest blogging for SEO advantages. 

You can read my post on how to write a good blog post step by step to help it rank on search engines faster. Join the free courses at SeekaHost University and learn exactly how I do SEO, write blogs, published them with perfectly done On-Page SEO and then does the link building.https://oyunuaviator.com/kazinoda-oynayin/pin-up-aviator/ 

You can read on how to create PBN Backlinks and when you watch the videos you will get some ideas on how to build backlinks from guest posting blog sites. 

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